Since Proof-of-Download and Proof-of-Fetch do not exist we decided to implement Proof-of-Stream-Payment.

What it does

It is decentralized incentivized p2p live streaming powered by Raiden Network payment channels. We suppose viewers to pay content authors directly or over relays for every data stream portion and relays are able to charge fees for using their bandwidth.

_ Not fully implemented _: Private streams using NuCypher PRE, where relayers are necessary but they should not have access to the stream content. You will be able to use decentralized infrastructure without compromising your private content.

How we built it

We use Raiden Network to set up payment channels, WebRTC for p2p streaming and Matrix for announcing and discovering streams.

Challenges we ran into

Raiden Network python-based node is hard to maintain on each client. Setup WebRTC p2p streaming and Raiden Network payments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We invented a way of incentivization for live streaming and also found a way to directly monetize content creators.

What we learned

Raiden Network internals, WebRTC API, Matrix API.

What's next for NИtube

Will replace Raiden Network node with light client and watchtowers since it will be released.


Built With

  • dai
  • ens
  • ethereum
  • kyber
  • makerdao
  • raiden-network
  • smart-contracts
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