What inspired us to code NutriTrace was purely the difficulties astronauts face in outer space when it comes to storing food and keeping track of their rations. To solve this issue, we decided to create NutriTruce so astronauts can log their inventory and split rations evenly.

What it does

NutriTruce is an application that allows astronauts to log their food inventory and note down expiry dates to make sure nothing expired is consumed. The information of the food along with the expiry date is stored on our platform and once the food has expired, you are able to remove it from the application. Along with this, NutriTrace also has a rationing feature that allows astronauts to evenly distribute meals amongst themselves.

How we built it

NutriTruce was built with Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We first decided to build the flask component in which we were able to set up a website that logs the meals by using the food descriptions. For the ration, we used simple python commands in order to diversify the meals amongst the astronauts.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was to get the expiry date feature of our food inventory logger to work. This part was a bit difficult since it required components of the HTML portion to be linked to the python code. Another challenge was organizing all the files used to make NutriTruce. At times, the files got really messy and some files were jumbled up which made it hard to link the code together.

What's next for NutriTrace

In the future, we hope to link our ration and food logger which we weren't able to do due to time constraints.

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