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ABOUT is a startup dedicated to bridging the gap between those at the top and those at the bottom

What is a Food Drought?

Food drought is a phrase used to describe an area that has low access to fresh food from groceries. Unfortunately, this often another inconvenience that afflicts those that are in poverty. aims to make those families' lives easier by lending a hand along with our users.'s Solution

By taking in million's of datapoints and condensing them down into an easily digestible format, we at want to be able to give users the ability to see the prevelance of this epidemic. After seeing this, users can donate money to a county of their choice in order to open and maintain a food bank. In exchange, users can receive rewards every milestone of donations they make.


Low Income Low Access Tracts (Up to 10 Miles) Plot

Low Income Low Access Tracts (Up to 20 Miles) Plot

Population by County Plot

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