This web app produces a healthy grocery list you print out and take to the store.  You search from over 7000 items to find low calorie, low salt, low sugar, and low fat foods.  Bonus info is given on trans fat, caffeine, and high fiber foods.  Unique 'stoplight' (green, yellow, red) coloring of foods makes healthy selections fast and easy.  The latest freetext search techniques are used to find an abundance of  healthy alternatives.  Foods are grouped by USDA MyPyramid food groups.  Buying more healthy foods is an important step in a proper diet!

Foods are automatically updated with the latest foods from the USDA SR data bases as changes happen so you always have the latest information.  This is a Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 web app using the latest data display/access methods. Its great for children of all ages. It is best viewed with IE 8.0 32-bit browser.

Training video shows full captioned transcript for Spanish and 52 other languages.

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