Most people today ingest food products without ever reading the nutrition facts in the back of the product which contains the most critical information in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Im very excited to present you with NutriPal, the first ever nutrition tracker with a text messaging user interface. Forget about all the complicated nutrition applications in today’s world because what people truly care about is being able to track their daily calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and sugars intake in a very simple and user friendly experience. With NutriPal all you have to do is scan the UPC code on the back of the food product and NutriPal will take care of the rest behind the scenes. Having accessed to these important nutrition components of food products ingested by the user allows our web application to display this information gathered throughout the day and display it in a very user friendly manner. But wait, the nutrition tracking doesn't stop there because with NutriPal users will be able to get daily NutriPal summaries to their own email to get a more detailed understanding of their daily nutrition.

NutriPal is a project that I'm the most proud of out of all my other projects because the goal of the product is to help people have a better understanding of the food products that they are putting in their system and overall make it easier for them to keep track of important nutrition components.

I have learned to work with different APIs in one application and database to keep track of information.

The next step for NutriPal is for it to become a everyday used application for people who are determined to live a healthy lifestyle and keep track of their nutrition.

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