NutriLine is a health and nutrition application that enables patients and users to document their nutritional values of their meals including calories, sodium, fat, fiber, and protein. The app allows users to track their own nutritional intakes and allows doctors/nutritionists to monitor their patient’s daily nutritional intakes. Users will be able to set the maximum daily nutritional intakes manually or can allow the app to adjust these numbers based on their age, gender, height, and weight. The user can also have the option to allow his/her doctor to set and change their maximum daily nutritional intake. Once the user’s maximum daily nutritional values are set, he or she can add the nutritional values of the food that he/she eats or scan an associated QR code with the food item/product. They can also use a scanner that processes the text on the back of a nutritional label and adds the nutritional info to their current daily intakes. Once the numbers are input manually or the QR code is scanned, the current daily values will be updated in the database. The user can then track their daily nutritional intakes on the app. If they have passed their maximum daily intake for any nutritional value, the app will display and send a warning notification. The user, as well as their doctor, can also view all of their past daily intakes. The doctor can send the user messages via the app to send warnings or set appointments if they feel that the user has consistently exceeded the maximum daily intakes. This application will enable doctors to monitor their patients more closely and assist patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol by setting the maximum daily intakes.

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