Keeping track of our daily food intake is a positive action to take to stay healthy. We learn to balance and build a healthier diet.

What it does

This lovely app gives users the ability to keep track of their daily food intake to maintain a balanced diet. People who want to set goals to lose weight or gain weight applies as well. The app allows the users to input and takes pictures of their food for each meal they have. It then gives the nutrition facts and stores the data in the calendar for future reference. It would calculate the total calories intake for the day at the end of the day and notifies users when they meet their goals.

How we built it

We built it on react-native and expo, using google-cloud, firebase, nodejs and mongodb for computer vision in recognizing images and storing data on nutrition facts.

Challenges we ran into

We had quite a lot of issues with small details and debugging the camera, as well as the format of the layout and merging the backend data together; but all in all, we were able to work together to find solutions. After all, the more the merrier and more people means more brain power.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the effort we put in and the result of this project. We successfully built the app and most of all, we were able to get the app running. The layout is very close to what we expected, but we could do way better.

What we learned

Some of us learned to use react native for the first time and some of us helped build the back end for the first time. We learned to implement a lot of things throughout this hackathon and it was an amazing experience for all of us.

What's next for Nutrimeter

Polishing and publishing the app is our next for Nutrimeter

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