8 million children in India are severely undernourished who require immediate medical treatment. Although Government has established 900 Nutrition Centers across the country, due to poor referrals and lack of information at the community level, these children are untreated.

What it does

NutriLink is a functional app created to be used to map and locate the nearest functional Nutrition Centers in India. It will be used by frontline workers and community at large to identify the availability of beds in real-time at the centers and contact information. Also, this will help policy-makers to make decisions.

How I built it

I used Google Maps and Word Press

Challenges I ran into

Time Constraints, Data Compilation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a functional app that will link the undernourished children to healthcare services, save lives of children resulting in effective utilization of public services.

What I learned

Work in limited time and apply practical knowledge in solving real world issues.

What's next for NutriLink

Take it to Government for scale up

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