Dear Valued Partners,

NutrilifeIO is one stop solution for global decentralized nutrition platform in Blockchain and AI Based Technology, where the doctor of the future is expected to treat the human frame proactively prevent the disease through Nutrition Therapy by Personalized Screening and Assessment.

NutrilifeIO was born in the context of my participation with JCI (Joint Commission International) Project of the Hospital, I took ownership & leaded "Nutrition Chapter" for how to improve the patient quality and safety that is fundamental passion & reason why to build this platform because of:

We believe, our innovative business models would solve malnutrition problem globally by smooth connection to prevent disease. The way we think & do right are created the big different versus the others are doing and we do not only concentrate ended outcome but also to contribute tangible values for healthcare social and community.

  • The world faces a grave situation malnutrition, 4 Billions adults and children lack key micronutrient, obesity, wasted and stunted.
  • Obesity alone costing US$500 billion per year.
  • Malnutrition is the underlying cause of death for at least 3.1 million children.
  • Lack of connection platform for global clinical nutrition
  • High service fee & No guarantee payment
  • Without initial assessment
  • No many options for nutrition experts and services

Vision: Lead global disruptive and innovative ecosystem for nutritive audiences. Mission: Personalize an Socialize to maintain and promote healthier eating for prevention disease.

NutrilifeIO target and predict sales projections in next 3 years to be €1,378,836 through 0.01% transaction fee, therefore ARR will be €459,612, MBR: €15,203, NOI estimate to 50% > yearly and ROI: 227%.

NutrilifeIO connects to 520,000 plus nutritionist, doctor, nurse, dietician, health educator & Billion patients around the world to provide interventions that promote growth to provides support to differently Infants, pediatric, Pregnancy Nutrition, postpartum and breastfeeding women, diabetes type 1 and 2, gestational diabetes, renal, cardiovascular disease, digestive health and chronic Kidneys diseases. ❖ Help Personalized Nutrition for Highly Motivated Consumers ❖ Help Personalized Nutrition for Low Socioeconomic Status Families ❖ Help Personalized Nutrition for Adults and Pediatric ❖ Personalized Nutrition for Employees @ Work Our competittion market where they are offering nutrition sector with significant drawbacks and without transparency.

NutrilifeIO's UVP: Highly calculated and precise automation of planning of personalization of healthcare and nutritional advises to users and patients, specifically designed for each patient based on detailed screening and assessments using complex and robust platform algorithms and business logic to make the content delivery to users’ full proof that required a complicated metric and it is not easy to duplicate.

We are dedicated, passionate team and strong working experience in food industry and healthcare sector and newest technology with full ambition and cherished. Current we are seeking seed fundraising €250,000 to convertibles equity 16.7% and Co-Founder of NutrilifeIO and intends to use the proceeds from equity investments as follows: 43% for Product Development, 27% for Marketing Funnel and Communication, 19% for Operation and Development, 11% for Legal and administration.

NutrilifeIO have been shortlisted in the Top 50. More than 1,600 smart business ideas have been submitted over the last four cycles of the Dubai Smartpreneur Competition in 2020.

In case you are interesting in this project, please drop me an email for further discussion and how is engagement for next steps.

Thanks & Best Regards Nguyen Hai Son Founder & CEO

Built With

  • 3.7
  • amazon-web-services
  • and
  • api
  • application
  • backend-onesait
  • be
  • blockchain
  • component-tools/
  • database-mongo
  • db
  • decided
  • deployment:
  • end-angular
  • engine-python
  • ethereum
  • flow
  • front
  • gensim
  • hosting
  • hybrid
  • java
  • javascript
  • js/react
  • json
  • keras
  • later
  • learn
  • mobile
  • native
  • operating
  • or
  • platform
  • platform)
  • react
  • recommendation
  • sci-kit
  • services-rest
  • solution
  • spacy
  • system-windows/linux
  • technologies
  • technology
  • tensor
  • to
  • web
  • with
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