There are many apps nowadays that measure caloric intake but it's a struggle to analyze the intake of other vital nutrients such as vitamins and protein. Luckily, we have a solution...and that is an app that scans nutrition fact labels and displays a dashboard containing your daily intake to make sure you're eating healthy and getting the appropriate nutrients.

This is especially beneficial while being indoors during quarantine where we're more susceptible to binge eating out of boredom. However, this is can also transcend further as a lifestyle change, so it's more than just another app. It also allows for mindful consumption of food, which lends itself to the amount of money that you spend on outside food and such.

What it does

Scan and go. It's a clean way of taking in the information in a really simple manner and displaying this data through pie charts. This helps the user see exactly what they need to see when it comes to healthy eating. Their consumption of micro nutrients is a vital part to a health and active lifestyle. You're able to see your intake on a daily basis, and for each scan the pie graphs containing your data will update.

All you do is scan the nutrition label, and the app automatically calculates and puts together your nutrient intake percentage daily value.

How we built NutriFacts

We used the following:

  • Google ML Kit (Text Recognition (OCR))
  • Google Firebase
  • Google Firestore
  • Swift
  • JavaScript

NutriFacts is an iOS app built in Xcode with Swift.

Challenges we ran into

Using the ML Kit was a difficult task, especially when it came to handling information in a new environment like iOS development. Sometimes version control isn't the kindest, but resilience is key in debugging those merge conflict errors. Trying to implement firebase authentication proved a little difficult as the docs said one thing whereas Xcode would ping another requirement that contradicted the docs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team is first and foremost most proud of our ability to come together rather quickly, and remotely too to create a very well designed and thought out implementation. All of us are extremely new to iOS development, and being so, picking up Swift and being able to maximize its potential in such a short time span was an extremely strong point. More than that, we adjusted well to each other being able to rotate between tasks and split ourselves in a way that would support each other. This is extremely important considering that we're a three person team whereas most teams are four people. Finally, our team would take meaningful breaks together!

What we learned

How to build an iOS application in less than 24 hours that makes use of Firebase Authentication and it's ML kit. We learned how to properly use version control in a team setting and fix merge conflicts, and also to rely on each other while being efficient.

What's next for NutriFacts

Hopefully deploying this app on the App Store! Creating some branding around this product (creating social media accounts to get the name out there). Get our friends to use it during quarantine! Expanding it to a search for foods that don't necessarily have a nutritional food chart, this can also be done using google's image classifier, and their preset models!

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