It is only after getting ill that we realize we should have had more nutrients. Only after visiting the doctor and getting tested, we realize that we had a deficiency of any particular nutrient, like Iron or Calcium. But what if there was a friend who could track the nutritional value of our diet daily. What if he could constantly analyze our diet and notify us about the components missing from our diet. The NutriBot is just that friend, only way smarter and capable of understanding the Indian and foreign dishes we eat and the understands our natural language.


The NUTRI-BOT is a telegram chatbot that keeps track of your intake and takes care of your diet. It uses Natural Language Processing(NLP), to recognize what you've had and in what quantity. So you can enter stuff like "2 plate Chole Bhature" or "1 Glass of Milk" or "3 Roti" or "3 Apples". It'll record and keep a history of all your intake. It then analyses your current diet and provides you with custom suggestions on ways to improve it. It can also tell you the possible threats in the future, if you continue with the same diet.

Tech Stack

It is developed in NodeJS and is live on Telegram as @TheNutriBot.


Developed by Ankush Garg, Ayush Yadav & Aditya Garg

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