As a gym freak, it was always a major inconvenience to us that we have to manually enter the nutrition facts for every single meal.

We set out to make the process super simple using machine learning and azure.

What it does

I automatically detect what food you ate just by looking at it! (using Azure)

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge for us was that our team members were good at different languages. So we decided to work with something completely different that we both were not familiar with. We started with flutter, and then we also tried to learn Azure, and this is how we reached here

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were proud that we could learn JSON and flutter

What we learned

JSON and Flutter

What's next for NuTri

Subscription-based monetization Personalized intake compute based on the statistical database from Azure Implementing and fixing the number of features that are broken in a current state Partnerships with fitness trainers and Exercise Centres The target audience is the average gym-going folk

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