We’ll take care of your Nutrition and Fitness

Submission to HackHealth Hackathon 2018 by WiCS at Stony Brook University

What we are doing?

Nutrello is your partner in good health. It will help you make the right choice about what you eat.

  • Just take a picture of your food and leave it to us.
  • We’ll automatically detect what your eating (using vision API) and give you the nutrient breakup of your food (using US Agriculture department API).
  • That’s not all, after we help you make an informed choice about what your eating, we will observe your eating habits for a day or two, and then recommend you a nutrition and fitness plan according to your fitness goal and information.

Next Steps

  • The last feature of fitness plan recommendation is yet to be implemented.
  • Nutrello can also be extended as a mobile application, that can be used directly with the mobile camera.

How to use?

  • Go to the project link, register with basic information.
  • Upload the photo of your meal [demo folder has sample images].
  • We will detect your food and give you a nutrient breakup.
  • Use again!
  • Nutrello can recommend fitness plans in the future.

Technologies Used

  • HTML5
  • CSS (Bootstrap)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, D3)
  • Google App Engine (Hosting)
  • Google Cloud Vision API (Food Detection)
  • USDA National Agricultural Library API (Nutrient Information)



  • Ankit Aggarwal (ankitaggarwal011)
  • Shayan Ray (shayanraysbu)
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