A healthy mind in a healthy body. Staying fit is incredibly important in maintaining your mental health. A lot of people around me complain about weight problem after Covid. You move less, and naturally, you gain weight. Weight is not just about looking good. There was a TV program about personal trainers gaining their weight before starting the training with their clients. The result was shocking. They all had health issues, but besides that, the trainers began to feel down. They started to have a depressing feeling, and many had problems with their family. In this era of the pandemic, mental health has become a severe issue. I believe that the first barrier to protect our soul is to build our physical body as hard as possible. That is the reason why I invented this web page. Through tracking your nutritional intake and simply following suggested quiet in-door workout, you will feel better. Your healthier body will give you the strength to overcome downside feelings which often come these days.

What it does

From this page, you can track what you are eating with calorie and nutrition facts. You can add the food by simply searching the item name and quantity (1serving equals to 100g). If the entered item was not found, you can add the item manually by fill out the nutrition form. On nutrition facts, you can check certain nutrition intake is very high, high, appropriate, low or very low next to the legend. Also, you can see the nutrition detail of item by clicking more detail button. With the nutrition facts, you can also see what amount of workout out you should do to consume what you just ate. From the overview page, you can track your monthly food intake along your timeline. You can choose a certain year and month to track your intakes. Also, you can click each report to view furthermore. From the Account page, you can check your account information and how many calories you’ve taken today. If it exceeds your BMR, then it displays exercise suggestions to burn it. From the left corner of the submenu, you can update your account info and BMR or you can delete your account permanently.

How I built it

I've built it with React as frontend, ruby and ruby on rails as backend with JWT authentication deployed on the Heroku. For the food items, I've used external API from RapidAPI website. Also, I've used bootstrap for web design.

Challenges I ran into

I've discovered and joined this hackathon pretty late so; I only had a small amount of time to build the application. It was hard to decide which feature to prioritize and work on it. Since I've worked everything on my own, it was hard to check whether user experience is kind.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of finishing up building all the features that I expected to implement from the beginning.

What I learned

I've learned how to manage time efficiently and prioritize the feature based on user needs.

What's next for NuTrack

In the future, I am considering to build a mobile version of NuTrack for ease of use. From the Overview page, I am expecting to add Daily, Yearly, Monthly Bar charts and Overall heatmap charts. Also, implement search features for the saved reports. For the item external API, I am expecting to shift to other API that has all additional nutrition like vitamins, sugar, etc. Finally, I am considering to add OAuth for ease of sign up and sign in.

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