After quarantine has begun, I felt that it is hard to keep tracking what I eat daily basis. Therefore, I decided to create an App that can easily track part of nutritions by displaying all essential information on one screen without requiring to scroll. It may not be precise, but I focused on easy usage.

What it does

By entering an item name with quantity, it automatically sums up calories, carbs, protein, fat, and fibre then displays into the graph. Also, it allows the users to maintain appropriate nutrition amount by displaying five different levels -Very Low, Low, Appropriate, High, and Very High- next to the legend. If an entered item is not found from the API, the user can manually enter the item. At the left top corner, there is hamburger navigation. The user can navigate to Approx BMR calculator page. This page allows the user to estimate their BMR based on their gender, age, weight, and height.

How I built it

I used React.js on the frontend and pulled food or ingredients data from RapidAPI endpoint and displayed data into graph, legend, and cards.

Challenges I ran into

Since It is a solo project; there is a limit that I can make within the provided time frame (23.5 hr). It was hard to prioritize the features. Also, It was hard to maintain the maximum concentration during this entire given time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time, I created the application without sleeping. I am proud of building the application meets the all initial requirements that I set.

What I learned

I've learned how to use React hooks and minimal pie chart better and it is not efficient to work overnight.

What's next for NuTrack

I am planning to add an authentication feature hooked with a backend so, the data will persist, and it will provide a user to track better. In the future, a user will be able to track the daily, monthly, and yearly health results and view the results through the line graph. Also, based on the approx BMR entered, the user could calculate his own performance.

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posted an update

Patch Notes:

  • Implemented JWT authentication that allows user to Sign up & Sign In.
  • With the nutrition facts, you can also see what amount of workout out you should do to consume what you just ate.
  • Nutrition Intake Report saving feature implemented.
  • Overview page implemented that displays monthly intakes in Bar Graph.
  • User can view each saved report from the Overview page.
  • Account page has been created. user can check your account information and how many calories you’ve taken today. If it exceeds your BMR, then it displays exercise suggestions to burn it. From the left corner of the submenu, you can update your account info and BMR or you can delete your account permanently.

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