After seeing the local company Boso Kitchen needed a better way to manage their inventory, we thought that we could create something that could help them solve their issue. We decided to particularly focus on having a simple and interesting UI and an effective, cloud based storage.

What it does

NutBase is a simple and easy to use inventory management software for companies that are in need of a way to keep track of their inventory. With a friendly and aesthetically pleasing UI, NutBase is great for anyone who could need it. Features include the ability to create and edit any number of items, sort the items by name, date edited, and quantity, and search for specific items. It also has a dashboard which allows users to quickly get an overview of all the items they carry, as well as see which items are under or approaching a warning threshold.

How we built it

We built NutBase using ReactJS and google firebase. React allowed us to have a relatively easy way to create a frontend for the user while still being expandable and professional looking. Firebase was a great way to both host the website and store the data, all for free. Firebase was also quick to incorporate into our code, allowing a nice merging of it with our React frontend.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few challenges while creating the website. Getting sign in and Firebase storage to work properly took lots of debugging. There were also many issues with the website itself that took a while to fix. For example, the site wasn’t refreshing properly initially, editing and adding amount functionality didn’t work at times, and the sorting would fail or crash, to name a few.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the coolest features of NutBase is the cloud based storage, and how it allows for instant syncing across all devices logged into the same account. Through firebase we were able to make the website instantly update for all users any time a value is changed on any of the products you have listed. We are also proud that we were able to get the website hosted and actually allow new users to join and use the service.

What we learned

Members of our team learned the foundations of building a cloud based web app. We learned how to use React in the first place, and how to separate different parts of your web page into different files for organization. We also learned how to first, use firebase, as well as how to incorporate it into our app for user management and realtime database storage and updates. We also learned JSON formatting, and how to style a html webpage.

What's next for NutBase

In the future, we want to integrate the service with payment processing companies and point of sale devices to automatically update the inventory as purchases and sales are made, and potential to even automate refilling of low supply items. We would also want to integrate it with

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