We are really competent in distributed systems and wanted to create something new in this sphere.

What it does

Our project allow people store and transfer data with an excellent level of security.

How we built it

NuStorage is based on a Inter-Planetary File System and proxy re-encryption protocol. It keep all the data openly, but with 2 levels of encryption. Moreover, it take the load off user, and distribute it between the proxy-servers.

Challenges we ran into

Our aim was to create a clear, fast and low-loades system which will be usefull for peoples.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We have improved our skills in Frontend development and refresh our knowledges into IPFS and other p2p networks.

What's next for NuStorage

On this hackathon we really wanted to implement some cool features like online file redactor and storage statistics, but we haven't enough time for this. So we will develop and launch our project into the market to see: is there a demand of clear, public high-security cloud file transfer system, or not)

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