Young university students are often at the peak of their ideating capabilities and hence, naturally have some of the best ideas for startups. However, they often lack the means and team members to further pursue their passions. Some ideas may even have the potential to become thriving businesses, but they lack the ground-up support from the onset of their start-up. Hence, our mission was to create a platform for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas not only to potential collaborators but also with potential investors. Essentially, our platform would be a marketplace for new ideas and possibilities. Our application is unique since there is no Entrepreneurship Idea exchange platform available on mobile devices.

What it does

The application allows startup creators to post their ideas on the social platform. This will be complete with information such as the description of the startup idea, the relevant skills required and the contact details. After this, like minded individuals can send over their resumes and request the creator to join his start up. The application allows the creator to open up conversation with the applicant through messaging.

How we built it

We chose to build the application through the comprehensive Android Studio platform by using the Java programming language.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges in integrating the FireBase Data-Base into the application. We also did not have much experience with the UI/UX side of application development and hence, it was challenging to give our application the visual edge. We also fell short of time to implement the investor’s functionalities

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to get a decent quality application functioning with the basic features completed.

What we learned

How to use FireBase effectively while coding in IntelliJ’s Android Studio. We also learnt important team work skills and how to segregate workload within members.

What's next for NUStartUp

We aim to develop our platform further to deploy it on the application store in order impact the larger Singapore Entrepreneurship community.

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