is a platform of academically rigorous and standards based lessons that feature Popular Culture content to make learning fun and engaging for students. Teachers sign up for unlimited access to lessons created by fellow educators that have been categorized by student interests such as TV, Music, Film, Video Games, Sports and all things Pop Culture. Each lesson contains media support, and are aligned with subject matter, grade level and content standards.

NuSkool’s goal is to address the lack of engagement and motivation in school. Students are dropping out at alarming rates largely due to the lack of motivation and the curriculum not being relevant to their lives.

NuSkool specializes in making learning more engaging and relevant for youth, and in promoting the types of skills demanded in the 21st century. The foundation of NuSkool’s education content is based on research in the fields of student-centered learning, culturally relevant education, 21st century learning and promoting critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and understanding the processes behind the media they engage with everyday.

NuSkool's founder, Abran Maldonado, is a former entertainment industry veteran turned student-engagement expert. He is a Gates Millennium Scholar, an honor awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This award has afforded him the opportunity to earn an M.A. in Adolescent Culture in Education from Teachers College—Columbia University, and presently pursue a Ph.D on Teaching and Learning at New York University. Prior to his academic pursuits, Abran spent a decade working in the music and entertainment industry developing content and working in product and artist management, radio marketing, songwriting and music publishing.

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