we didnt even know that we could make online payments via telegram, felt like it was a chance to tap into this aspect of the market

What it does

users can purchase items that we sell through our telebot through stripe. We have decided to set up a online store for NUS student computing club to faciliate with selling our merchandises to the whole faculty. Additionally, we have the events list to inform students of upcoming events and course materials up for sales as well. We hope to increase accessibility of students and reduce manpower and time put into manually selling the merchandise.

How we built it

using nodejs, stripe, java script,telegraf, telebot APIs etc

Challenges we ran into

difficulty learning new language given the time, creating inline keyboard and storing the complete personal data given by users

Accomplishments that we're proud of

connecting to stripe

What we learned

telegram bot development

What's next for NUShoppingBot

can be expanded for more socially useful purposes

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