Wake Up!

  1. 1 animal is abused every min.
  2. Dogs Comprise 65% of All Animals Suffering Abuse.
  3. 71% of Individuals Connected to Domestic Violence Have Also Abused Animals or Pets.

Our Inspiration

We wanted to provide a digital platform for the pet-protection & the pet-lover community. Although there are many digital platforms including social media. We wanted to make something exclusively for making it easier for others to provide animals with a better life!

What Nurture lets you do

Nurture is an animal protection app that lets you:

  1. Adopt pets in need of a home.
  2. Report missing pets.
  3. Get help from the community to find your lost pets.
  4. Get veterinary assistance.
  5. Be updated about the newest additions in the pet shelter.

Aim of Nurture

Our aim is to establish an open-source pet friendly community that gives and recieves favours, help each other in locating their lost pets and also provides veterinary assistance if needed. Our sole goal is to provide animals with a better life.

What sets us apart

  1. Nurture has all the features a pet owner needs.
  2. It's completely free and open-source.
  3. Aims to establish a pet-friendly community that fights against cruelty to animals.
  4. Our goal is to provide animals with a better life.

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