The CDC estimates that more than 650 mothers in the U.S. die each year during pregnancy, childbirth, or one year after pregnancy, with leading causes being cardiovascular disease, hemorrhage, and infection. There are significant disparities, with Black mothers having a maternal mortality rate (37.1 deaths per 100,000 pregnancies) that is 2.5 times the ratio for white mothers (14.7) and three times the ratio for Hispanic mothers (11.8). Unfortunately, research estimates that approximately half of these maternal deaths are preventable.

We were inspired by the Nurse Family Partnership (“NFP”), a nurse home visitation program in the U.S. for new mothers. NFP provides home nurse visits to pregnant mothers who primarily are low-income, unmarried, and/or teenagers. NFP educates young mothers in positive health practices, responsible childcare, and economic self-sufficiency and personal development. Long-term follow up has shown that NFP’s work is likely to reduce maternal mortality by a factor of 3.5 times. More broadly, NFP’s work has been validated by four randomized controlled trials in New York, Tennessee, Colorado, and the Netherlands (the last study being based on a Dutch program similar to NFP). These studies demonstrated sizable and sustained positive effects, including reductions in child abuse/neglect and improvement in cognitive outcomes for children of mothers with low mental health or self-confidence.

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What it does

Nursing my Pregnancy is a user-friendly virtual platform for volunteer nurses to connect, chat, have video calls with low income, young, and/or single pregnant mothers.

How we built it

We used React, Javascript, and Bootstrap to build and style different components of our web application such as dashboard, chat-box, and video-box. We used firebase for authentication and storing users' information rendered in different components. We used webRTC and express.js to implement video calls.

Challenges we ran into

Marysia: Some of the challenges I ran into were structuring different pages and connecting different components. The backend server was also causing some issues in the very last minute, but we were able to resolve them.

Natisha: Since this was my first time properly using React, I had to learn how to use React's Bootstrap. I also had trouble making the information appear as dynamic, but was able to seek help and accomplish that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Natisha: I'm proud of being able to create a React App and learning to create dynamic components.

Coming into this project, we were expecting to have a team of 4. When our team size dropped to 2, we weren't sure if we'd be able to fully implement the idea we had in mind. However, we are proud of our final (functional!!) product.

What we learned

Natisha: This was my first deep dive into React and I learned more about components and working with a database. This is also my first real application where I am comfortably using npm and git.

What's next for Nursing my Pregnancy

Add functionality to Registration. Add functionality so that the Patient can leave a Note before the Appt. (Leaving Goals during Appt works!) Add additional styling for the chat/video room page. Add heuristics for connecting patients with nurses. Build a mobile app?

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