With the power of technology that we currently possess in our grasp, we need to take opportunities to build tools that will change people's lives for the better. Our team wanted to work on a project that would have the potential to impact peoples lives in a positive manner, and we jumped at the opportunity to bring healthcare to the faster, affordable digital age.

What it does

Our web application serves as a digital marketplace where users can look up medication recommended to them, compare prices and look at distances from their current location, all with the goal of giving them the information to make the best decision for them, albeit cost, distance, or both. Additionally, our app serves as a personal healthcare tracker twofold, firstly to keep track of the current medication you are taking, a convenient location to view, add, or remove at your convenience. Secondly, our app will keep track of basic personal and medical information that hospital or doctor visits generally require you to fill out, (we will only keep track of information you choose to provide us), which can be accessible to whomever requires the info through scanning a QR code, making filling out forms less of a hassle for all.

How we built it

Our tech stack consists of a firebase backend, taking advantage of firebase auth, functions and firestore and a frontend using Vue with Nuxt and Bulma as a CSS framework. We make use of pre-built scrapers and an API to be able to find the nearest stores selling the queried medicines, and built in frameworks of Vue with javascript and HTML to optimize the views we provide our customer.

Challenges we ran into

We did not anticipate issues with some of the tools we used, such as API calls, database management systems, and syntax with languages some of us were not familiar with (namely javascript). These challenges did however prove to be a huge learning experience for all of us, as we overcame them as a team. There were also some goals that were unrealistic with respect to the timeframe of the competition, and thus we had to choose which ones to focus on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As mentioned above, a lot of the challenges proved to be major learning experience both for the team and for us as individuals. We came in with strengths in certain areas, and we were able to teach each other to build upon them and help each other along the way. The finished app is not perfect, and strayed from our initial goal, however we are more than proud of what we were able to create in less than 36 hours, and it by no means compromises any of the outcomes that we wanted to meet initially.

What we learned

We could talk about the magnitude of things we learned, as our challenges varied from minor mistakes in code that took us way to long to see, to concepts that we took the time to learn from scratch. All these experiences were incredibly valuable to all of us, notably the fact that 3 of the 4 members were inexperienced in javascript and html, the languages which most of our app is made out of. Seeing as the benefits of using them outweighed the costs, we sought to learn as much as we could, and can be proud of the knowledge we have gained together.

What's next for NurseSpree

We aim to implement a drug on drug interactions feature, to let users know the dangers or adverse effects of combining the medication they take. With also more time we can build machine learning models to help them track and recommend medication/exercise/advice based on what they take and the medical history they provide to us. With this ,we aim to expand our database of known conditions and combinations of factors that we can use to recommend people to seek the best help they need and deserve.

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