Building a skill to entertain children and one thing that can bring smile is the only inspiration. A smile of child can bring happiness, if I can entertain kids, that would inspire me to bring something more exciting.

What it does

It plays Twinkle Twinkle nursery rhyme with soft lyrics and entertaining music.

How I built it

I used Alexa SDK, implemented with node.js language. Tested on reverb & echosim.

Challenges I ran into

->Audio formats -> Searching free audio rhyme -> Audio size -> limit of 90 sec -> Intents Handling

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is Certified skill for kids(US) now.

What I learned

How can add audio and play from my voice command.

What's next for Nursery Rhymes

I will add 4 more rhymes in next updates, Humpty Dumpty rhyme already added in code but not enabled right now. I will add more rhymes with choice of playing from those.

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