We wanted to perform advanced visualizations with thermal images and make that available to every one. The FLIR One is a unique opportunity to bring thermal imaging into every day households!

How it works

Nurse Therma can capture and stream thermal images from the FLIR One into the Unity 3d toolkit. It can also capture series of thermal images over time, read out the temperatures and temperature differences of tapped points, and move the points in a linked or non-linked manner across multiple images at once.

Medical grade thermography studies use this work flow to specify zones of body parts over time, the delta T across time, then perform smart further testing like biopsies. Studies show an abnormal thermogram is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator of breast cancer than a first order family history of the disease. Every doctor asks their patient for their family history, why doesn't every doctor have their patient's thermograms?

Challenges I ran into

It's difficult to save and restore thermal data. A lot of data has to be captured when running the device, then made available again interactively later when the user needs to do a comparison.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Saving, listing, and doing smart point vs. point comparisons is really easy and user friendly. I watched all the demo videos of the FLIR Tools and made sure to go one step further in the real medical work flow show in online papers for point to point over time diagnosis via zonal delta T measurements.

What I learned

Using the FLIR One camera and SDK to work with thermal images.

What's next for Nurse Therma

While Nurse Therma works great technically, it needs a lot more graphical styling and a friendly face! User's should feel happy and safe using it, just like current diabetes log book apps and other popular personal health solutions.

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