NuoLingo offers a unique solution to moving somewhere new. Originally created for the purpose of helping immigrants make a smoother transition to their new home, whether you're studying abroad or moving to a new continent, Nuolingo can help you get there. (Or at least make you feel a little bit more comfortable.)

If you travel abroad without studying the local customs beforehand, you may get into some awkward situations. NuoLingo prevents this. Users can study flashcard sets with local customs and traditions, test themselves with the new information, and track their progress on their dashboard just with a few clicks.

Anywhere, Anytime: Learn and practice content while on the go. Message "DIAL-ECT" (339-201-3680) from your laptop or cell phone to review flashcards!
Time Saving: Feel like a local before even getting there. Users can learn about customs that aren't often found in travel guides.
Confidence Booster: Users can track confidence level as well as quiz scores. See how much you grow through personalized data charts!
Friends & Forums: Users can share and receive flashcard sets between friends. Chat with others through the forums. They won't bite, we swear.
Frequent Updates: Our content changes as the times change. We make sure that the information we choose to display is always up-to-date.
コー​​​​ヒー?: NuoLingo equips you with the basic skills you need to fit in and so confidently! Go ahead and socialize as you please.

This hack focuses on social/civic hacking, education technology, as well as design.

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