We wanted to bring upon a good study tool that many of the tools we used lacked. In doing so, we were able to take the stress off of students' shoulders when it comes to determining how to study.

What it does

It lets students practice and create various kinds of question sets and provides them with a custom optimized study plan.

How we built it

With collaboration using github, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and firebase, we were able to come up with a presentable website.

Challenges we ran into

Using the firebase API to store question sets, and searching through the database to retrieve them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The aesthetic of our website is something we really planned out. As well as the format of our website.

What we learned

Many of us learned to work together on github as well as use firebase and its function in conjunction with HTML and CSS to the fullest.

What's next for Numonix

Further developed dynamic web services, and as the website reaches further communities, question sets will become more readily available to newer users. Future plans include machine learning as a tool for customized feedback and more constructive criticism. We can also create various different ways to study in addition to our free response and multiple choice questions.

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