The Idea came from working newspaper puzzles that are published daily in the American Southwest.

What it does

It can be populated from a daily newspaper and used on a laptop or mobile device that can be hand carried. Saves trees, I guess.

How we built it

Constructed using Replit and uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

I just had the faintest Idea before watching past MLH and GHW hackathon tutorials on youtube and Twitch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Stunned that I got it to work after ~3.5 hours.

What we learned

Everything I incorporated in this I literally learned today.

What's next for Numerical Matrix Puzzle V2

I would like to rewrite it for a mobile device in 'Flutter'. That would allow using the mobile camera for capturing the puzzles from the local newspaper to solve it on the mobile device. Also like to use it as a tutorial platform to learn how to solve these types of puzzles systematically. Also like to auto-generate puzzle content and then publish this on Google app store.

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