If you fancy yourself a hardened word or number puzzles gamer, Numbers And Letters will give your brain a workout like no other puzzle game.


I was inspired by a French television programme called Des chiffres et des lettres which i used to watch with my father when i was young pen and paper in my hands. The programme tests the numeracy skills and vocabulary of two contestants. I wanted to develop such a game for long time using handwriting recognition but i though it would be quick tedious work until i found out about this challenge.

What it does

As the title of the App indicates, it is a numbers and letters puzzle game which uses the world’s most advanced technology for handwriting recognition and digital ink management.

Numbers rules

The rule is to combine the provided numbers arithmetically with the goal of producing the target number shown on the right of the screen.

In order to pass the level, the result must match the target number, but it is not required to use all the provided numbers and it is permitted to use numbers which are not provided but that would effect the score.

The score is calculated using the following formula:

Score = FirstAttemptBonus + NumbersBonus - NumbersMalus - TimeMalus

FirstAttemptBonus -> 20 stars if the game is solved in the first attempt. NumbersBonus -> 5 stars for each provided number used. NumbersMalus -> 5 stars for each Not provided number used. TimeMalus -> 1 star for each second spent.

Letters rules

The goal is to write the longest word using the provided letters, it is not requires to use all letters but it is not permitted to use letters other than the ones available.

What's next for Numbers And Letters Game.

Facebook integration which will enable the player to challenge friends. Online challenges which could be created by other players. The ability to create levels and challenge friends. More levels. Children version of the game.


Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

Other ideas i had

At first i wanted to make a CNC (computer numerical controlled ) machine programming App using the MyScript Geometry Widget (GEW) which would enable CNC machines owners to generate G-Code programs.

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