Looking for patterns is a very intriguing idea and a problem. Irrational number have intrigued people for a long time. Some people think there are patterns in them (The contact by Carl Segan). This project tries to seek if there is musical beauty in these mysterious numbers. We aim to give everyone a chance to make music with irrational numbers or number sequences. The software we make will be specially designed to make music using sequences of numbers such as irrational numbers.

What it does

NASA has calculated some irrational numbers like square root of 2 to several millions of decimal places. Using these data files, this project extracts numbers from there irrational steam of data. Then map them into frequencies. Then is uses virtual synthesizers to generate audio from them.

How we built it

Python library called pyo was used for audio synthesis. We use waveforms sine, impulse train and saw tooth.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to get used to the architecture of pyo due to its confusing signal processing pathways. But this turned out to be an amazing library.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The sound tracks generated are super weird!

What we learned

How to read a large file in the background with a thread, How to generate music in python.

What's next for Number Song

There are so much more functionality to be included. The current project is bare bone. We need to include more customization and gui for user interaction. So users will be able to create their own songs.

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