After COVID situation, our life completely became dependent on digital platform. So we thought of making a platform which will fetch interesting information about numbers and help children to learn while using the phone having fun.

Social Impact

It will have a huge social impact on young kids because this technology will help in remote schooling.

What it does

Insert any number in the web app's dialogue box and click submit. It will give you an interesting fact about the number.

How we built it

Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NumberAPI, CorsAPI

Challenges we ran into

It has been difficult to get things perfect. We still have a long way to go.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's our first hackathon and we learnt time management. So we have given our best to do it though it is very beginner friendly.

What we learned

How to manage time properly and fianlly finishing a project with equal effort.

What's next for Number Information Web Application

In future, we would also like to add alphabets & words section just as we're getting numbers' information to help children learn through these fun activities also. In this way, the learning will not be a boring activity to children. They will learn while enjoying playing with numbers, words and alphabets.

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