My daughter!

What it does

  • Helps kids to develop mind math solving ability
  • Builds confidence in kids
  • Creates a healthy competition among the kids via the Hall of Fame while still maintaining their anonymity

How we built it

  • Java, Node, DynamoDB

Challenges we ran into

  • Thinking like a kid
  • Finding Test users - Needed lots of kids
  • Finding the threshold of answer values for each level. Example: All answers for level 1 should be below 20
  • Making sure the answer to any question is always a whole +ve number

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Kids in our neighborhood love playing Number Games
  • Made it interesting for the kids where they play as their favorite characters such as Cinderella or Superman
  • Generating multiple clues for every dynamic question and help the kid to get to the answer
  • Encouraging the kids by giving clues, suggesting to reduce the difficulty level, giving more time to work out, even if the kid is giving a wrong answer
  • Appreciating the kids for every correct answer and rewarding them to kindle their interest
  • Kids use filler words like aa, hmmm, while thinking an answer - So we need to support a flow to accept these responses without declaring it as wrong answers
  • Detailed help for every type of question as part of the response & providing the same context in the Alexa App via cards
  • Expressing the emotions of every conversation in both voice (Speechcons) and in cards (Emoticons)

What we learned

  • We need to unlearn the adult's way of thinking to answer a question - Kids have multiple ways of saying the answer
  • The need to help kids visualize the questions using only voice interface
  • Realized there are tons to learn!!

What's next for Number games

  • Add more question types
  • Practice sessions on specific types of questions
  • Group playing
  • Rapid Q&As
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