In our time we're really exposed to stress that can really hurt our lives. We were going to create app that will let us take some of it off.

What it does

Provides you with relaxing content of various kinds (memes, breathing exercises, calm music, etc.)

How we built it

We used ReactNative for mobile app and Node.js with PostgreSQL as backend.

Challenges we ran into

Expo stability and various quirks that we weren't familiar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First working app in technology that we didn't know 24 hours ago. We've also created something that we would like to use in our lives.

What we learned

React Native, Node.js, work under time pressure, task management.

What's next for [NullPointers] StressFree

  • Push Notifications with reminders about your mental health
  • Integration with Google Calendar to remind about relaxing before meetings
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