Life is too complicated. nullPhone helps make it simple.

What it does

nullPhone is a phone that can do anything. It is more light and robust than the iPhone. The current apps built for the platform include nullPay, nullMe, nullFood, nullID, and nullYES.

How I built it

nullPhone was built by improving upon the iPhone 5s. First, we took out the motherboard, battery, LCD, and most other internal components. Next, we started designing our own custom interface, based on transparent and honest design. Finally, we put our product in the hands of consumers in our open beta Saturday night.

Challenges I ran into

Narrowing down the list of Apps we were able to develop for the nullPhone during vandyHacks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating so much in so little time.

What's next for nullPhone

Branching out into other platforms. Imagine a future with the nullPad, nullBook, nullPencil, and nullWatch.

Built With

  • american-ingenuity
  • designed-by-apple-in-california
  • grit
  • hard-work
  • hardware
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