We wanted to better target appropriate advertisement mails for the right people, according to their preferences.

What it does

It helps users provide input to USPS on their preferred advertisements.


Using visual recognition coupled with natural language processing, we are aiming to better tailor advertisement mails to the appropriate people who share the same interests shown in the advertisements, while also reducing the unwanted spam mails that recipients receive. With this idea, USPS can gain better transparency of their receivers’ preferences and possibly provide an additional revenue source, through targeted marketing, for companies who are using USPS to reach their audiences.

Development Process:

We are going to use MeteorJS as our web development framework, which includes HTML, CSS, Scss, JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Galaxy Meteor, for web deployment. For additional functionalities, we are including natural language processing and image recognition.

Some of Our Assumptions:

This person’s identification has been checked if that person’s address is correct The person already logged into the app

Team Members:

  1. Keval Shah
  2. Bienvinido Onia
  3. Travis Mazzy
  4. Seung Won Lee
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