most hackathons are about making something that makes your life better terriblehacks is about making something that is useless so here we are, we made something that fucks your life up :))

What it does

you can link your facebok and wechat accounts to our app using our 100% very secure authethication system (passwords are not stored in plaintext btw). then you can hit the "fuck me up button" to end your social media presence.

How we built it

css for beautiful designs yes very nice javascript for the headless browser that interacts with facebook and wechat html isn't a language lol

Challenges we ran into

couldn't create a wechat account so we had to sacrifice our personal accounts writing the messages made me want to kill myself xD lol i hate css

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it works lol

What we learned

how to bypass facebook and wechat's api restrictions

What's next for Nuke My Social

maplestory chat, msn messenger, club penguin integration coming soon™️

Built With

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