Immigrant teens are all over and they don't have a set resource to connect with one another. The connection through stories helps another person be able to open up more and share their experiences.

What it does

It connects teens who emigrated from other countries, but mostly in Latino countries, through stories to help create a sense of community.

How I built it

Using Cloud 9 with HTML and CSS for our basic webpage. We then later used a bootstrap to enhance it further to create the navigation tabs and the wire framing. We created a repository on GitHub and transferred all the files we previously had before and built onto our webpage further.

Challenges I ran into

Creating the log in page was probably the hardest and having it redirect to the origin page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time we created a group website and have it completed. Along with this being our first hackathon.

What I learned

We learned how to incorporate a GitHub repository, as well as, Cloud 9 into our development process.

What's next for Nuestro Viaje

Expanding the website further. Also, spreading awareness about our site to further expand our demographic.

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