People with Narcolepsy often can't stop themselves from falling asleep. During certain hours of the day, they get sleepy but sleeping will not help them most of the time. We wanted to make an app that keeps them from feeling sleepy.

What it does

Has a User sourced/ crowdsourced To-do list page of tips and tricks from other narcolepsy.
Provides a graph of “sleepiness” trends created from machine learning during the day/sleepiness predictiveness Keeps track of daily activities to determine graph

How we built it

React Native and Machine Learning with a Firebase database

Challenges we ran into

Learning Javascript, implementing machine learning, syncing with the database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working as a team, learning new frameworks

What we learned

React Native, GitHub, teamwork, Node.JS, Firebase

What's next for Nudge

Backend, supporter send a notification to a second user Security camera, video classification to see when they’re nodding off.

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