Team Lead: Category: Human Connection Location: Table 17 on 6 floor by window/"balcony"


We were inspired by how AR (particularly in Pokemon Go) started organic conversations, brought people together and created communities.

What it does

It allows users to scan other users and figure out mutual interests to organically start conversations.

How we built it

We used Unity, CSharp, Microsoft-Cognitive-Services, and Vuforia.

Challenges we ran into

The act of actually mapping something next to a face proved to be something more difficult than anticipated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've managed to accomplish facial tracking on the Tango.

What's next for Nudge

Ideally, this would eventually recognize individual faces instead just sensing when there's a face in front of the camera. This would allow customization with the different graphics. Nudge could ideally become a more interactive experience with more motion instead of tracking static images. With technological processing advances, the tracking would also ideally be more immediate.

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