We wanted to make a tool that is easy for business owners to feel confident in to help them sell more.

With this in mind we knew that it needed four features:

  1. Seamless sign up for customers -- no customer facing app to download
  2. Customized, smart and enticing offers that enrich the shopping experience
  3. Simple interface and workflow for short term workers
  4. Oversight for business owners to review employees' performance

What we built

In Nudge we built a loyalty and offers program that is based off of individual customers previous and current actions. All the business needs to track the transactions are the customer's phone number. From there the employee is given a choice of three Nudges which are built in real time and come with a script for the employees to read, such as are you still enjoying the outfit you bought a few months ago? After the transaction is complete the business owner can review audio recordings of the Nudges to make sure that their employees are properly Nudging their business towards higher profits!

Why is this important/necessary

As internet shopping becomes more popular, having a memorable shopping experience is more important than ever for brick and mortar retailers. Furthermore in a busy shopping season when temporary workers often come in, having a curated and automated system for upselling & rewards will help boost the bottom line. These two factors in concert make Nudge a unique solution by providing value to both the customer and the business!

How we did it

We built a native android app that uses both the Clover SDK along with the Web API to do include information from multiple locations.

Built With

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