Inspiration: At RIT, we are very inclusive and friendly towards deaf and hard of hearing people. We thought about other impairments, and found that inclusiveness towards visually impaired people is lacking. Online shopping is a prevalent part in most people's lives, and we wondered how people who are visually impaired shop online and do daily tasks, such as grocery shopping. We did some research and decided to integrate our concerns to make a site that benefits those who are visually impaired by making online grocery shopping more accessible.

What it does: NuC aims to make grocery shopping easier for people who are visually impaired. When the user first enters the site, a synthetic voice welcomes the user, explains the site purpose, and asks the user what grocery they would like to shop for. The user will say a response, for example, "bread". The site will look up relevant products using the Wegman's API and the synthetic voice will tell the user what the first 10 related products are.

How we built it: We used HTML and CSS to build the website that the user would interact with. We also found a way to implement the Wegman's API to show a list of products relevant to a search.

Challenges we ran into: ~Asynchronous execution- javascript didn't execute in the order it was written in because this variable was set to be true ~finding a way to implement text-to-speech and speech-to-text

What we learned: We learned how to implement an API and use text-to-speech and speech-to-text in Javascript.

What's next for NuC Shop: We plan to further implement a checkout system and refine the interactiveness of the site. We would like the user to be able to tell the site what product they would like and add it to a cart. When they are ready, they would say "Checkout", and that would bring them to a page where they can enter their address for delivery, credit card details, and billing information. A step even further would be implementing support for other stores besides Wegman's, like Costco.

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