Telecom service !!!

Challenge for TELCO-s.

Join mobile mast logs and citizen self-reported symptoms, but keep personal data privacy.

Inspiration - lack of local information:

What is your nearby contacts overall situation?

When local citizens must be careful and go to or keep self-isolation?

What it does

You share your self-estimated early and continuous symptoms.

You get warnings and current summary of your phone two weeks nearby contacts reported symptoms.

How should built it

1 Privacy

Need of jurists who can discuss about law rules.

Service must belong to your mobile operator. They already have law and agreements with you and government how they can use or share privacy data.

Data is used only for impersonated statistical purposes.

When you send your self-estimated symptoms for processing, you give permission to your mobile operator, to use them with your phone two week mobile location data. Mobile operator don’t have your exact geo-location but your phone connected antennas history.

For response you get current statistical summary of reported symptoms, your phone met in two week timeline. In response there is no location but date when your phone was nearby others.

2 Front end

Front end must have very simple privacy statement page (multilingual) and two data pages.

One page for your symptoms early input. Maybe five most important symptoms with five levels and sixth is covid-19 diagnose status – self estimated, pre-confirmed, confirmed, recovered.

Second page for graphs or simple multi-color visualization of your phones two week contacts current situation.

Automatic login must be developed by mobiles IMEI.

Front end should be secure m-webpage, next choice can be app.

3 Back end

Back end needs to have access to mobile operator applications development lab, access to experimental data.

Back end needs deep knowledge of mobile operator technical solutions, knowledge of database and data structures, logging and log manipulating solutions.

Back end needs to have big-data manipulating experience, experience of estimating data amount and calculating speeds, knowledge and experience of scaling solutions. For quick response, same of the response must be pre-calculated and stored in database.

Real-time need is to join current ip address with phone IMEI.

4 Database

Database structure is simple, but can be huge data amount.

Data structure contains phones IMEI with current symptoms, mobile masts and timed connections between phones and masts.

What's next for "Nearby Timeline Symptoms"

I have only project task. Project needs all the staff.

Must of telco or mobile operator technical staff – back end designers, programmers, big-data analysts.

Front end designers, visualized input and multi-color output graphs.

Project manager, doctors, jurists, marketing, writers, mentors.

Built With

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