Ventur NT-NFT Pallet

Project Summary

The NT-NFT pallet is a Substrate module that implements Non-Transferable Non Fungible Tokens.


NFTs have generated significant value by creating a decentralized distributed digital representation of ownership. While the conventional paradigm of NFTs has found great success as a solution for assets with transferable ownership like art and even real estate, it is not suitable for assets like credentials and memberships, which need to be tied to a specific entity. Assets such as these require the implementation of Non-Transferable NFTs (NT-NFTs).

The need for NT-NFTs has been discussed in the crypto community; most notably Vitalik Buterin recently wrote about the concept under the moniker of Soulbound Tokens.


Our solution is to implement Non-Transferable NFTs within a Substrate pallet.

At its core, our pallet is based off of Substrate's existing open source Uniques pallet. From Uniques' base NFT implementation, we stripped out transferability and have modeled functionality for proposing and accepting NT-NFT assignments. Proposals and acceptances are intended to prevent the assignment of unwanted spam NT-NFTs to individuals. Additionally, we have added an optional expiration value which is aimed specifically at supporting impermanent credentials and memberships.

Next Steps

  • Refine NT-NFT Pallets Implementation
  • Develop starter implementations for basic certification and membership use cases
  • Integrate the NT-NFT pallet into Ventur, a business process focused parachain
  • Create a testnet for Ventur and NT-NFT functionality

Pallet Details

NT-NFT Creation and Assignment




  • create_collection
  • destroy_collection
  • freeze_collection
  • thaw_collection
  • mint_ntnft
  • assign_ntnft
  • discard_ntnft
  • accept_assignment
  • cancel_assignment
  • force_create
  • force_collection_status

Hackathon Challenge Statement


Substrate Usage

The NT-NFT pallet is built as a pallet for Substrate Nodes and should enable integration of this pallet into any Substrate based blockchain.

Team - Ventur

Patrick Gryczka

Solutions Architect and Software Engineer
GitHub -

Maciej Zielonka

Software Engineer and Developer

Joseph Murawski

Cloud Security Engineer and Operations Specialist

GinSiu Cheng

Cloud Solutions Architect

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