The Creator economy needs an easy, transparent way to get money quickly, easily, automatically, and transparently, without the need for third-party payment companies.

Leverage the world's most popular content management system- WordPress and NEAR Protocol - the most scalable, user-friendly blockchain, NSub helps creators build a better Creator Economy!

What it does

NSub is a WordPress plugin that helps create content subscription services. With NSub, creators can offer exclusive content and services to audiences, allowing them access to your content or service at a price or requiring them to have an NFT access card to access the content.

Using WordPress means you can host, post, and share anything you want without getting restricted by third-party providers, using NEAR blockchain means you always get instant payment from users, never getting restricted, or banned by third-party payment companies! All of the payment and NFT verification are possible because NSub builds and runs on NEAR, using NEAR blockchain technology.

Main features

  • Login/logout from WordPress with NEAR
  • Pay for content with NEAR
  • Lock content by category
  • Require NFT to unlock content
  • Support Paras' NFT specs
  • Donate button
  • Admin dashboard analysis: orders/day, top posts, top categories, top users

Nsub takes a small percentage(about 1%) of each payment for the project development fund. By default, this tax is set to 0%

Challenges we ran into

I'm using the newly released near-javascript-sdk so I'm not really comfortable with it much at first, but the learning curve is easy enough and the SDK is well-documented so, in the end, I made it!!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having the NSub WordPress plugin that is super easy to set up, just take less than 30 seconds to get it working, and integrate the login, payment, and NFT verification system with NEAR - which is also super easy for web2 user to use make me feel like they both were made for each other. I'm got little proud of I have integrated them successfully, making both NEAR and WordPress work smoothly with each other!

What we learned

Integrating a Web3 blockchain with a Web2 content management system, making them working smoothly for users.

What's next for NSub - Content subscription is NEAR


  • Go mainnet! Release the plugin to the WordPress plugin store.
  • Pay with other tokens than NEAR
  • WordPress as the backend, using Nsub with API so NSub can be used for 3 rd parties, for example, NearSocial_
  • Support more NFT specs

Try it out

Contract Explorer:



Read-only access:

user: readonlyadmin

password: readonlyadmin123$$$

Please note: the NSub dashboard analytics and NFT preview in post and category is not working in read-only access mode (ajax got disabled), so I linked the demonstration of them in the project gallery.

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