Virginia and Lacy recently began their careers as UiPath RPA developers on Farrah's team. After reading about the UiPath Virtual Hackathon on UiPath's Linked in page, we began discussing possible ideas for an entry as a side project not associated with our company. The three of us agreed that we would like to use our talents to help those in need. After several days of brain storming, we came up with the idea that would help any sort of shelter reach out to the public for donations on their most needed items. We know personally that many people would like to donate to the shelter of their choice, but they often wonder what items are actually needed the most. This process could be run on a weekly or monthly basis so that the shelter's needed item's list would be easily accessible to the public.

Developing this process had its challenges, but overall, it has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun for the Bot Chix Team. We learned how to make a UiPath process that will loop through all possible sheets in an excel file, and we also learned how to get the automation to interact with Facebook.

Although these tasks could be done manually by an individual, we thought that automating this for shelter employees and volunteers would help free up their time to do other important tasks.

We developed this process in hopes of helping provide basic necessities and comforts to those in desperate need by enabling shelters to easily engage the community via social media with lists of their most needed items. This process should in turn help make shelter employees/volunteers lives easier, as well as, improve the lives of those who are facing some of their darkest times.

  • Lacy Simpson, Virginia Hutchinson, Farrah Fouquet (The Bot Chix) 7/20/2019

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