Some guy put his business card on npx and I figured that you could put really anything you want on there (blog, web app, etc).

What it does

It's basically a website with less fancy graphics that you access by calling "npx website_name" or in my case, "npx @bobbyz/wall". The website itself is a simple wall of comments loaded from a firebase instance. Users may add to the wall and their messages will be added to firebase.

How I built it

Node, javascript, reactjs, and using the npm ink package which alllows you to use react in the cli. You can actually hook up a backend to this as well, and then you'll have your entire web stack on the terminal (react, firebase/server).

Challenges I ran into

Using npm modules is easy and convenient, but actually developing an npm module is a horrorshow. While I was developing this module I kinda got the feeling that someone was hurting my voodoo doll. I'm trying to figure out why my module works flawlessly in the local dev environment but doesn't work at all when its pushed to npm (can't import js modules).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is a novel idea and it's not entirely worthless.

What I learned

I shouldn't develop an npm module unless absolutely necessary.

What's next for npm website

the dumpster

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