For our project at VandyHacks 2020 - Summer Edition, our team was matched with the Nashville Public Library Foundation (NPLF), a non-profit which aims to advance the impact of Nashville Public Library programs and initiatives. Our task was to create a user-friendly dashboard for NPLF marketing and communications staff in order to organize and analyze key marketing metrics related to the Foundation's online presence. This includes Google searches, visits to their website, and activity on their social media platforms.

To accomplish this task, our team created a Flask web application that displayed data visualizations using the Plotly Python library. We imported hard-coded data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into our Python application and used this data to create our visualizations. Our submission to VandyHacks includes six graphs using individual data from various online platforms (activity from Google, Facebook, Emails, etc) as well as a graph summarizing all of these finding in one central display.

As a team, we had a great experience at VandyHacks and learned a lot from our project. We learned a lot about data visualization, creating web apps, using multiple programming languages, finding APIs and frameworks, and learning Git. We were able to overcome the challenges we faced by getting help from out teammates, VandyHacks mentors, and researching for solutions online. Because of this experience, we feel more confident in collaborating with others on a cohesive project and using technologies we hadn't had much experience with before.

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