What is NowNotes

Have you ever wanted to clip a web page into Evernote, and have that note update automatically when the web page is updated?

Example: With NowNotes you can clip a flight-status web page into a note, and have the note updated constantly, so you only need to check the note and know whether your flight is on time or not.

NowNotes is based on Stepwells browser extension. The extension remembers what pages you visited and what actions you took on your path to any web page. When you clip web information, the extension will store this "path" and will replay it on Stepwells servers, and update your note with the most recent information.

  • Planning an event? You can have the RSVP web page as a note, and it will always have an up-to-date list of who has confirmed their attendance.
  • Writing an article? You can have any relevant web pages turn into notes that will remain updated while you work - the list of most read articles on a subject, the latest patents published, etc.

No more repetitive browsing, typing and clicking. No more forgetting how exactly you got to that list you have a copy of in a note. NowNotes remembers and updates for you.

How to start using NowNotes

NowNotes is based on Stepwells technology, which is still in closed beta. In order to experience NowNotes, you will need to sign-up for Stepwells beta, create bookmarks within the service and they will turn into "now" notes.

  1. Follow the link http://NowNot.es/ to sign-up for Stepwells closed beta.
  2. Fill-in your email address and click "Submit"
  3. Select a password for the Stepwells service
  4. You will be logged into your Stepwells dashboard. You can close the Subscriptions dialog and the tour for now.
  5. Go to More->About and click "Evernote integration". Allow Stepwells to access your Evernote account (OAuth based).
  6. Refresh a dashboard in your Stepwells account to see it appear as a notebook in Evernote!

To create your own "now" notes:

  1. Install the Stepwells extension (you will be prompted to do so by the app, or from http://projectstepwells.com/extensions/)
  2. Any new bookmark you create with the Stepwells extension will become a "now" note in Evernote, and will be updated per the schedule you define!

Points to keep in mind

  • Stepwells extension is supported only for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (For Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • Stepwells saves both the HTML page and an image of a clipped web page. NowNotes currently saves the image into the note, as this retains the original look of the information much better than if converting to ENML. Keep this point in mind as your usage bandwidth can be depleted if your Evernote account is free and not Premium. ENML conversion will be available for users at a later stage.
  • in case the subscription link doesn't work, please go to http://projectstepwells.com/ fill in your email address and "nownotes" as promotion code and click 'Sign up for beta'

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