Now You See Me

Our Goal

Revolutionizing safety and privacy, the people at Now You See Me have been working to keep our clients secure. Using facial recognition mixed with object detection, our product is able to remove clients from any camera feeds running Now You See Me. From hiding yourself from prying eyes to protecting the location of someone beloved, Now You See Me is your invisibility cloak in the digital world.

The Process

Version 1

The first version of our product was very basic. When presented with a body to remove from the streamed video, it would create a "ghost" outline of the body.

Version 2

Our second iteration had the product creating a box around bodies instead of a direct outline. This allowed for some error margin when body parts moved, making a more fluid visual.

Version 3

The third stop in Now You See Me's journey is where the product started to really show it's stuff. When in favorable lighting, selected bodies all but disappeared when in frame.

Version 4

The final version of Now You See Me includes some optimizations on version 3, while having largely the same capabilities. It is also now controllable via both voice commands, and any internet connected device.

Built With

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