Coming from midwest, weather has always been an issue. While it may look sunny outside on most days, it might painfully cold. Presenting our weather based Internet of Things device - Now.

"Now" goes on the wall next to/near your home's door or the coat rack. And before you head out of your home, you just tap it. It will then visually represent the weather outside:-

  • Red: For a warm day/night that begs you to head out in comfortable summer wear
  • Yellow: For a cool day/night that requires a cardigan or a jacket
  • Green: For a cold day/night requiring you to bundle up

Now unlike a lot of apps or devices that help you check weather, we do not consider the actual temperature to be important. We utilize data on what the weather feels like. Basically including windchill or humidity.

Our device also uses the nest api to talk to any nest devices that you may have at home. Nest detects motion in the house, and the absence of it will cause it to reduce the temperature. With the nest being in the living room in most cases, it can incorrectly assume that you are away from home if you are working in one of the other rooms. When you tap our device, it talks to nest and lets it know that you have left the house. Thereby preventing false-positives.

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